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The Challenge of Badwater 135 miler 2016

Before he started the race, Mohamad said, “Running for IRun4Ultra gives this race special meaning for me. It is going to be very difficult, very tough with the heat and the elevation. I have never run this far in one go but I believe that when you take on something so hard and give it everything and push through it to help children in difficulties it is worth the suffering.”

Hope So Bright Selects an Elite Runner to Participate in the 2016 Badwater®135 Race to Raise Global Awareness About Autism and Applied Behavioral Analysis (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Linda Sanders, founder/CEO of Hope So Bright, a 501 (c) (3), public charity foundation is championing one of its many ambassadors, renowned athlete Mohamad Ahansal, to run in the STYR Labs Badwater ®135 race, July 18 – 20, in Death Valley, CA. This is one of the components of Hope So Bright’s 2016-17 Autism Awareness Campaign. Ahansal’s participation in this ultra marathon will raise worldwide recognition about the pandemic of Autism Spectrum Disorder.